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Intensive Suit Therapy

Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy of Hudson Valley is proud to announce that we are now offering Intensive Pediatric Physical Therapy including Suit Therapy as of October 2003.

Pioneered in Europe this  approach provides the child with intensive physical therapy. Our program consists of 3 hours of therapy a day, 5 days a week for 3 weeks. The intensity of the program results in improvements achieved sooner than with traditional physical therapy consisting of twice a week for one hour. 

The daily sessions begin with a warm up including massage, range of motion and stretching. The session then progresses to the active stage, which works on muscle strength, endurance and flexibility; range of motion; balance; coordination; and proprioception. This is accomplished using the Universal Exercise Unit, which utilizes a system of pulleys and weights to isolate specific movements, with or without resistance.  Each session culminates with functional training such as the developmental sequence (rolling, creeping, sitting, transitions, and walking) and sensory integration as needed for the child. This is done in the “spider” which uses partial or full suspension to facilitate functional activities and sensory integration.

Suit therapy is added for children using  the Therasuit ™, developed by Polish physical therapists, Izabela and Richard Koscielny. The suit helps position the child in better alignment, facilitates normal movement patterns and strengthens muscles.  Please visit for further information regarding the Universal Exercise Unit and the Therasuit™.

 The family will be provided with a home exercise program, including pictures and video of their child performing these exercises. It is strongly recommended that the child does one hour of exercises daily to maintain the tremendous muscle strength, flexibility and functional gains they achieved during their three weeks of intensive physical therapy.

 Linda H. Fuller, PT, PCS, has been trained and certified using the Therasuit™, and the Universal Exercise Unit by Izabela Koscielny. Pediatric Physical Therapy Services of Hudson Valley purchased the FDA approved  Therasuit™ and  Universal Exercise unit to provide this innovative and effective physical therapy program.

 Please call 845-268-6010 for further information and for an application packet.


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